About this room

Refreshing ecstasy, pure bliss and moments that slip by like silk over the skin. Feel the swell of happiness rising within you as the sun climbs higher in the sky. Lounge in the cool shade of the umbrella pines as the smells of the garrigue and the hissing cicadas fill the air around you. Doze off as Provence's hills watch silently over you, and slip into the pool for a few languid strokes. Soak up the epitome of elegance in breath-taking natural splendour, a living, breathing work of art cast under blazing skies, warmed by the sun-baked stone. The warmth of the air envelops you, as champagne fizzes between your fingers. Savour the juicy burst of fresh fruits, and stargaze from the comfort of your jacuzzi. Let your imagination run wild and your daydreams take over. Welcome home...

Exclusive, attentive service in a sunny, spacious suite giving out onto an 8611 sq ft shaded garden. Watch on as Provence shimmers before you, and make the most of an outdoor pool and jacuzzi. Hop into your Smart car and get exploring, or take it easy in the refined sauna, far from the hectic rush of everyday living. Deep peace and slow, easy tranquillity as rare and precious as gold dust.

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